365 of Me: 239/127 – Life Edit: Day 5

I could probably do another 5 days of life editing and still not accomplish everything in my life that needs to be edited. But today is Day 5. I committed to 5 days so today I’m done for now. And everything about this challenge has been leading up to today’s focus – my office!

Once we got rid of the bed, the spare bedroom became my office. It’s where my closet is, my desk, my computer, a bookshelf, a file cabinet. It’s where I study, where I blog, where I write. You might remember that I redecorated last summer to make it a more creative and enjoyable space for me since I spend so much time in there.

Since the beginning of this year, it’s also become a place for me to store my craft supplies. You might also remember that I started making putz houses back in the winter after the holidays, a fun project that I plan on picking up again very soon before Christmas. So all those supplies got piled in one corner. And I kept adding to that pile when I started another craft project a few weeks ago. And you know how that goes. Pretty soon one pile becomes two and then three, and pretty soon you can’t walk in your office anymore. Need proof? Here is a photo I snapped last night before I challenged myself to edit this space:


Sad, isn’t it? Yeah, that chest of drawers is where my socks and underwear are stored too, so everyday I have to fight through the piles of stuff to get to it. That’s my gym bag which just needs to be put in the closet. There’s my laptop which I can never find a space for because I hardly use it. And yeah, there’s a bag of new clothes from Kohl’s that I bought two weeks ago that just need to be hung up. Another bag with a Christmas gift for someone in it that I’ll probably forget about if I try to hide it somewhere. Craft supplies. That box of books I cleaned up from Day 4 of my challenge that will disappear this weekend. Another box of my own books which just needs to be put on the shelf. I have a signing tomorrow though so maybe I’ll sell out. See that pile of stuff on the left under the window? That was my attempt at organizing my crafts back a long time ago. Those are boxes and bins, but they just have more stuff piled on top of them.

After I took this picture, I immediately started editing the space. I had cleared two shelves on my office bookshelf which I was now determined to devote to craft supplies. As you can imagine, it didn’t take long to fill them up. I put the gym bag in the closet. I hung up the new clothes. Tomorrow the box of books and the box of my books will be gone. There’s two bags of flower bulbs for my mom in there somewhere that I will take to her on September 12th.

Though it’s not all gone just yet, it now looks much better as I turn around in my office chair from writing this and look at the space. I feel better about it anyway.

So this challenge was fun and yeah, you could say I set out to do it mainly to get my office cleaned. Sure, that wasn’t really related to my phone or my USB drive, but those were projects that were on my endless mental to-do list anyway and this seemed like a perfect time to do them. I had also wanted to tackle my clothes closet and try to get rid of a lot of things that I don’t wear. With the seasons changing soon, I know I’ll be tackling that anyway when I switch out my clothes for fall and winter.

So, did you edit your life this week with me? What spaces in your life could you challenge yourself to edit? When are you going to start? Remember…one day, one space, at a time.

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