365 of Me: 237/129 – Life Edit: Day 3

050 Today’s Life Edit challenge wasn’t too hard for me, but as I said yesterday, this could be a tough one for some of you out there. I’m talking about cleaning out the photos on your cell phone. Unlike many, the cell phone isn’t really a necessity for me. In fact, I hate charging it and carrying it around. It really is only for emergencies, but I still hate that bill each month.  I use it for texting on occasion.  Most of the time when it rings, it’s a wrong number.

I like the iPhone for its capabilities and apps.  I use the Kindle app on it at the gym.  I use it to listen to music sometimes.  And of course as you know, I use it to take photos.  At one time, I had over 400 photos on my phone since I’d been using it to snap my pic a day for my blog most of the time.

Today when I looked at it, I had just over 250 pics on it.  Now I’m down to 140 and could probably get rid of some more.  I also erased a few videos and all of my Instagram photos that were stored on the phone since those are available on Instagram.

Like I said, quick and easy for me. But how many pics do you have on your phone that you could probably delete?  Challenge yourself to edit your life a bit and start with your cell phone!  Move the photos to your blog or to Facebook (or a USB!) if you need a place to store them.

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