Introducing Harness Anthologies

Today I have the pleasure of announcing that I’ve been named the director of Harness Anthologies, an imprint of Rocking Horse Publishing.  Rocking Horse Publishing was started by Robin Tidwell in early 2013 and published my book, Dickinstein, in October.  Robin and I met when she and her husband opened a bookstore here in St. Louis in 2012. RHP was born out of that venture even though the bookstore is now closed. Together, Robin and I edited a ghost story anthology, Spirits of St. Louis, which was also published last October.

I recently had another anthology idea pop into my head, born out of a Tom Petty interview I heard on NPR.  I planted that bug in Robin’s ear, and pretty soon we were outlining an entire concept of creating this imprint which would focus completely on anthologies. This was all done through messaging on Facebook even! A few days later I’d come up with our entire first season of four anthologies which will be published next year, including a Volume II of ghost stories. We start accepting submissions next month for our first book which will be published in January.

Few people know that I’ve had several short stories published in anthologies. It’s a great way to build your “traditionally published” resume. The pay usually isn’t much. I’ve been paid anything from twenty-five to one hundred dollars, and have also just been paid in copies of the book alone. Short stories, or even flash fiction these days, have never gone out of style. Some of my favorite authors of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s wrote short stories for magazine publication, mainly the New Yorker, and in between novels their collections of stories were put out to satisfy the waning interest of their readers. Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, Eudora Welty, and Carson McCullers to name a few. Even Stephen King still does short story anthologies of his own.

In this day and age, readers have shorter attention spans when it comes to reading, so short stories are a perfect way for them to satisfy their need to read. And besides getting published, it’s a perfect way for writers to practice honing their writing skills while creating smaller stories to empty their heads of all those voices they have bouncing around in there. As a writer, I still love to write short stories, knowing that they aren’t always meant to be longer pieces of work.

If you are interested in submitting your work, watch the website for our submission dates. Contact information will be posted soon. You’ll find our 2015 schedule posted here.


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