365 of Me: 209/157



While working in Mom’s yard on Sunday, I took these pictures of her cute little garden. It amazed me how meticulously the tomato plants were tied up so you could actually walk all the way around each plant. Ours are planted so closely together, and not tied up, that they end up looking like a tomato jungle. Mom’s garden is still larger than ours though.  But here’s another photo to give you an idea of how small her garden seems on her property:


Taking this photo reminded me of days gone by when the garden used to be bigger than the house itself. My father and mother tended to it all summer long back in the day and grew more than just tomatoes and squash back then. Here’s that photo again and I marked with green how much space the garden took up back in the day:


The red boxes in the background are where our rabbit and chicken cages were. And the blue represents my dad’s green house. Yep, we had our own greenhouse where dad usually started growing tomato plants in December. Those were the days.

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