365 of Me: 195/171


Well, now we know where the sidewalk ends. Just kidding. On Sunday, we moved a small part of our garden path to start a new extension we are going to make in the yard, which in turn, will give more room for flowers.  We only had enough stones to go so far.

More flowers will cover up that ugly retaining wall, and the good news is most of the flowers going in that spot are coming from our yard. We are going to move some and divide some of the others that have gotten too big.  So, that makes this project very affordable for us.

Here’s a sketch showing what will be added to give you an idea of what it will look like by next year:


So where did those stones come from you ask? Well, we had just added them along our veggie garden this year, but the look never was quite right. We also decided to move them to start the new path because we want to extend our veggie garden next year by another 4 feet. So here’s a pic showing where the stones were and showing where the extension will be on the veggie garden.  A gardener’s work is never done!


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