365 of Me: 193/173

unnamed (2)

Today’s picture is to let you know that for the first time ever, all 4 of my books are available for free on Kindle. Just click on the picture above to be redirected to Amazon.  And it’s today only, so don’t delay!

I’ve been asked several times recently what my next book is going to be about or if I’m working on another book. The answers are I don’t know and no, I’m not currently working on another book. Since returning to school last August, that has taken up all of my free time so I have had no time to write and have not been working on a book.

True, I have several half-finished manuscripts and there is one in particular I’d love to start working on again, but for now I’m focused on school.  Sorry!  I’m hoping to return to it in the fall when the garden doesn’t require as much attention, but if I do, it will still be slow going.

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