365 of Me: 191/175

Today’s post is all sedums, also known as stone crop! Up until this year, we only had several of the “old” sedums as labeled in the photos. They grow very large and end up looking like giant cabbages through most of the summer. Then, they slowly start to flower, forming thick heads of blooms that start out green, slowly turn white, then pink, and then finally a deep dark burnt wine color in the fall. If you look close in the photo of the two older sedums, you can already see their floral foliage forming on top.

All of the others were new sedums that we added to the garden path this year. We have several for ground covering, nestled between the boulders we added. My favorite is the lime zinger, which is the only one whose actual name I can remember.

I also like the purple sedum, though rabbits do too. We had two of those and one of them was almost completely eaten by the pesky rabbits. They also devoured two other smaller new sedum not pictured here for obvious reason. What’s strange is how they eat only some of them and not the others. For instance, the larger old sedums have never been bothered by rabbits.

Hens and Chicks are another fav and we’ve tried those for several years in pots, but never had luck with them. This year, we put them in the ground so hopefully they will root nicely and come back next year.

Sedums are very hardy and easy to care for. The larger ones make nice anchors to our beds and we look forward to seeing them turn red as the summer progresses.

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