Back to School – The End of Semester 2

meme-b2s-collegespartaWell, today wrapped up the unofficial end of my second semester back at school. By unofficial, I mean that I took my last final exam today, completing the 12 credit hours required of me each semester. The semester doesn’t officially wrap up until mid-July.

So, now I have the option of either taking a break until August 1st, or I can trudge ahead and attempt another class. Can you guess which one I’m doing?  I’m moving ahead!  Yep, I’m going to try to squeeze in one more class before the end of the semester, but it’s a course that only requires two assignments of me and can easily be done in just a few weeks. That’s what is cool about a competency based curriculum. You are rewarded for what you know and you don’t have to clock hours in a classroom.

This semester I started with College Algebra, which I quickly wrapped up in just a few weeks back in February because I had started it at the end of last semester.  It was a real challenge and very frustrating as I’ve never been good at math.  But I finally defeated it! Then there was Ethical Situations in Business which was another performance based class that required two assignments of me rather than me having to cram for a test.  After that, I had Reasoning and Problem Solving, and lastly was Global Business.  This last class I’m going to take on is Legal Issues for Business Organizations.

Some good news this semester is that they are about to reevaluate the courses required of me and they are going to drop 3 courses from my degree plan.  After adding some credit hour weight to a few other courses, I’ll only be required to complete 120 credit hours instead of 123.  As it stands now, I only have about 20 more classes to take, which will average out to about 4 more semesters at the rate I’m going.  And I’m okay with that.  Sure, who wouldn’t love to finish up but I’m going at a pace I can handle and that’s important, especially when I do have a full time job.

It’s just hard to believe my second semester is over.  I’m still enjoying the experience though, and that’s important. After all, I’m doing this for me!

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