365 of Me: 163/203

Yesterday I posted pics of some of our new lilies that are beginning to bloom. Here are some pics of some older ones that are also in bloom.

These first three pics are orange and red Asiatic lilies. You know all those lilies that Lowes sells around Mother’s Day? Well, when Mother’s Day and Easter are done and the lilies are all done blooming, they mark them down to about $3 bucks each, and a few years ago I bought about twenty of them to fill a whiskey keg on our patio. They are nice to see every summer and we’ve even transplanted several to other pots over the years.

Unfortunately, rabbits think they are yummy so we are unable to plant them in the ground without them being eaten.

And the ole faithful yellow day lilies are in several of our beds, and you see them everywhere around town in people’s beds and in beds outside of commercial property. I bought six of these in the Spring of 2007, just a few months after we moved into the house. They have bloomed every year, now going on 7 years old.


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