365 of Me: 145/221

I don’t have as many photos of these, and there aren’t as many blooms so I decided to share two irises in today’s post.

The orange iris with the brick behind it is actually in a large pot on our front porch. I once grew annuals in these pots but they always got too dry by the heart of summer. Last year I switched to lilies and irises. Both bloomed! They managed to survived the winter covered on our back patio and are lush and green again this year. And then this iris bloomed! Let’s hope we see one in the other pot soon.

The other brownish looking iris grows in the yellow bed I showed you the last two days. But its plant got beat up quite a bit by the storms. You can see some damage to the petals. I even had to hold them up to take these photos because they were leaning over. Still pretty though!

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