365 of Me: 118/248

unnamed (2)

New herbs in the herb garden: rosemary, two kinds of basil, and some thyme.  We also planted verbena, sage, and eucalyptus in some of the other beds.  But this pic is devoted just to herbs. The new ones are on the right all with their little blue identification tags.

See all that greenery on the left taking up over half the bed?  That’s about 3 different kinds of mint.  Look between the bricks and you’ll see it growing out of the bed too!  Mint comes back bigger and better every year.  I even dug some up and moved it to other beds last year just for filler.  It attracts bees and butterflies, and smells delightful as you walk by it.  And we drink a lot of tea so it’s fun to put it in that.

Oh, and that blue garden hose lying on the ground?  We used it as guideline on the ground yesterday to mark out a space where we might actually be extending this bed!

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