365 of Me: 107/259


Today I took a brief walk down memory lane and was disappointed to find only memories there.

With April being my birthday month and Easter, years ago when I lived at home there was a time when I would get a baby bunny or a baby duck as a gift for either occasion, from about the time I was eight years old until I was in probably fourteen or fifteen. I had several bunnies and ducks at one time that had all been hand-raised. We got them at a local farmer’s feed and seed store called Pennington’s. My father did a ton of business there back in the day. It seems like Pennington’s was a weekly stop for us when we “went to town.”

It’s still there today in downtown Dyersburg, and today I stopped in hoping to find a cage of bunnies or ducks. I wanted to pet or hold one and snap a photo. But they don’t sell them anymore. My sister and I took a quick look around. They still sell seed and fertilizer and flowers. It smelled the same, but didn’t look as big as I remembered. Everything looks bigger when you are a child.

But I still snapped a few photos and we bought a potted flower and stand for my Dad.

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