365 of Me: 62/304

I know what you must be thinking….not another snow picture! Yep. The sleet started late Saturday night and continued with snow flurries all day yesterday. So, here’s a montage of what it looked like this morning. Not too bad overall, but enough to have all the schools get canceled again. I don’t think they’ll even have a summer because there are so many missed days to make up.

But I think the storm was way over exaggerated. They were predicting up to 6 inches at one point last week. There’s maybe an inch on the ground, and it only stuck because of the freezing rain before it. Other areas got it much worse, and sorry, I’m okay with that. This was definitely an odd storm, and could have been much worse. But I’m glad it wasn’t!

Here’s hoping these are the last snow pics you’ll see from me for a while! C’mon spring!

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