365 of Me: 61/305


Today I had to submit a monster of a paper for college…well, not really a monster…

I’m currently taking Ethical Situations in Business which is my first class based on performance.  Everything up until now has been objective, meaning the final exam is multiple choice. This ethics course requires two assignments to pass, the first of which is writing a paper.

I was given a situation about a grocery store chain and had to write a paper on how they could be more socially responsible. The paper only had to be 2 to 3 pages. Since I’m doing this online, I had to submit the paper online as well.

But first, it has to be tested for originality. Now, I know for a fact none of my paper was plagiarized. English majors, book nerds, and writers like me live for writing papers! The screen shot above is me patiently waiting for my color-coded score to pop up to see if I passed the originality test!  It’s like waiting for a pregnancy test! ARRGGH!

So, I thought it was appropriate that Frankenstein photo bombed it.

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