365 of Me: 60/306


Read this in the style of Austin Powers: It’s my bag, baby! Yeeeah!!

I went shopping for a new piece of luggage today.  My last bag finally succumbed to those nice gentlemen who gently load your stuff into the belly of airplanes. Sure, I have numerous other small bags and pieces that would probably suffice, but I had really been wanting to buy just one nice large piece of luggage for my upcoming trade show trips.

I’d eyed them at my favorite store, Tuesday Morning, last weekend and had convinced myself not to shop around much longer.  After checking out Target today (too expensive), I was back in Tuesday morning to make a purchase.  After pulling about a half dozen bags off the shelf and checking out their interior, I exhausted myself and decided on this nice Nautica bag. Geez…who knew picking out luggage could be so tiresome.  It was much like shopping for a new car which I also hate.

BUT…now I have a new bag and I’m all ready for my upcoming trip to Dallas.  I leave Friday for a 5 day work trip, so I promise there will be much more interesting photos to peruse from there.  No worries….no pics of my packing for the trip or anything like that between now and then, but I can’t promise I won’t post a pic from the airport.  You’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

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