365 of Me: 58/308


It’s not uncommon to walk into the lunchroom on any day of the week and find free shit lying around: tee shirts, scrubs, half empty 2 liter drinks, chocolate cake, stale donuts, an abandoned travel thermos, leftover holiday desserts, commemorative spoons, last year’s Super Bowl ball caps, leather cowboy purses… and no, I didn’t make any of this up. At one time or another, all of these things have been up for grabs in my office’s lunchroom.

My favorite is free books.  There’s usually a pile laying around, more than likely free or damaged copies we received that no one wants to discard but doesn’t really know what to do with. And yesterday that’s just what I found. Mostly medical and grief topics, but who can resist a free book?  So I took that gray one to the left called Degrees of Strength.  Meh…I might read it, might not, might list it on Bookmooch.  It was free.

This got me to thinking about an idea I’ve often pondered.  I’ve always wanted to leave copies of my own book in weird places with a note to email me if you find it and read it.  Maybe I will some day.  Keep checking your own lunchrooms for me.

Any “free stuff” places you take advantage of out there?  Feel free to comment.

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