365 of Me: 53/313


Yeah, I’m technically a day behind on the pics. I’ll catch up. Notice the date of today’s post is yesterday, because I posted Friday’s pic on Saturday. So, I’m posting Saturday’s pic on Sunday, and I’ll post Sunday’s pic later today.

Confused? Don’t be…just know that there will be another photo coming later today to catch me up.

But this “Saturday pic” actually concerns something that happened on Sunday. I had my second final exam this morning. This one was a breeze compared to College Algebra. It was Reasoning and Problem Solving, and I passed!

To put this into perspective, as February comes to an end, it’s also the end of the first month of my semester which is 6 months long. I have to earn 12 credits per semester. I’ve now completed two courses (6 credits), so I’m already halfway there and there are still 5 months to go!

Now you also have to take into account that my first class I completed was College Algebra, which ate up 4 months of study from my previous semester. But that’s in the past!

Right now, today, I’m already halfway to my goal for the current semester which means I’ll hopefully get a chance to get ahead a bit and work past my 12 credit goal.

Today’s pic is of some fridge magnets that came in a gift pack from the school. One to remind me I can do it, and the other to celebrate when it’s done!

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