365 of Me: 38/328

Here’s a collage of stuff. Another office pic.  Yeah, I know it probably looks like a cluster of mess, but it makes sense to me.  This is how my brain probably looks on the inside.  One giant cork board full of ideas and what-nots and photos and things.

Continuing with the bird theme that I redecorated my office in last June, that’s where the pictures to the left and the birdcage came from. I also bought the cork board at that time and added some photos and postcards that I already had. The flower pictures were taken by yours truly, right in our backyard last year!  The irises are some of our first spring flowers to bloom so I’m already looking forward to seeing them again soon.

The two vases were birthday gifts from a friend. There’s the other two wooden birds I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Doesn’t that robin look real?

Truman Capote collected glass paperweights, so guess who started a collection of their own. And yep, that’s a bird in the smaller one.  I have several bird paperweights like that!  Pine cones are one of my favorite things to collect from outside, so there are several of those lying around to give the place a woodsy feel.

One of these things is not like the other: That’s my Emily Dickinson and Frankenstein dolls to the right in front of the birdcage. You might remember them from the photos I used in my interview of them a few months back when I was promoting the release of Dickinstein.

More office pics to come over the weekend.  Do you have an office?  How is it decorated?  What’s your favorite thing in your office?


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