Building Putz Houses: Part 5

unnamed (1)I briefly mentioned the Circus themed house I was working on in my last post.  I finished it last night! I call it Le Cirque.

The photo of the little girl inside came from the batch I bought at the antique store a few weeks ago.  I love her little outfit and knew I had to do something whimsical with her.

This is my first time adding a trim around the edges of the roof.  I got this idea from some pins on Pinterest that added a glittered border that looks like icicles. I created this border using a special hole punch that creates about 2 inch sections of that shape. The small heart window on the front was created using another special hole punch.

The oval cut out of the front was a last minute idea I got because the photo of the girl was also oval. The only problem with it is that it left the front edges a little thin which took away from some of the support of the house.  If I had planned it sooner, I would have made the front panel at least another 1/4 inch wider to accommodate. Otherwise, it does give the house some extra character.

The 3D circus pieces and sign are scrapbooking tags. I picked up a sheet of those in a circus theme last weekend at unnamed (2)the Archivers store that was going out of business. The base of the house may look like a playing card. It’s actually a piece of another circus themed scrapbook sheet that I cut to the size I wanted. It’s pretty thin and could probably use some extra support glued to the bottom. I even searched for miniature circus figurines to add to the bottom, but I just couldn’t find any that I liked or that were the right size. Also notice the windows on the sides – I cut those in an arch and only cut them halfway to create shutters.

And let’s not forget glitter!  I was debating on adding it, but I’m glad I did. Not only did I outline the opening with red glitter, but I also added some to the circus tags and sign, and also smeared it across the stripes on the roof.  And I added green glitter to the trim as well.

I have a ton of other embellishments, including some Christmas ones, so I’m looking forward to trying another house like this with all the 3D pieces and such.  This one was fun to make.

I’m tempted to put this one on Etsy now, and probably will eventually. It’s going to be difficult to pack and ship though if someone purchases it.

What do you think of my Le Cirque house?



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