365 of Me: 22/344

I wonder how much money Subway makes this time of year with New Year’s resolutions and their $5 footlongs? I’ve gone at least once every week this year to pick up dinner for us. It’s quick, cheap, and it is healthy. I was good and didn’t even get cookies tonight.  Eventually, by Spring, we’ll be sick of it though and won’t even touch it once a month.

This is the MEGA-Subway right around the corner from where I work. I like it because it is so big (I’ve seen it packed full at lunch time), and their address is the year I graduated high school.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

unnamed (1)


    • It probably “was” icy earlier in the week. Most of that is just the salt they’ve put down. I did think it was funny that there was a long line of flat cardboard through the restaurant for you to supposedly walk on to keep the floors clean. It was like a red carpet for homeless people.

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