HBO’s Looking you watch the premiere of HBO’s new show, Looking, last night?  If so, what did you think?

I had high hopes for it only because there hasn’t been a good “gay show” since Queer as Folk. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed.

In my opinion, this outside-looking-in type of set-up where the audience seems to be spying in on the characters’ lives and there is no direct story line to follow per show has already been done with Girls.  And Girls is so much better!

J got frustrated with the show and all of its gay stereotypes: the hook-up in the park, online dating, the Dolly tattoo, the threesome, the drug use, the pretentious dating, the sex…  To me, it hit the nail on the head.  The stereotypes are only agonizing because they are true!  For the majority, that is gay life.

The only things missing were a lesbian friend, a drag queen, AIDS, a fat straight chick with self-esteem issues, a leather daddy, a smartly dressed sissy drama queen, a Chinese baby adoption, the gym, a disco ball, a porn star, bisexual, a hate crime, some dapper throw pillows, and a sex club.  But again, this was just the first show, so give them time and I’m sure they’ll get to all that.

Now I’m going to judge (another stereotype!)… look at the way these men are dressed!  And what’s up with that moustache?  You’d almost think this was taking place in the 70s right?  Maybe it’s just VERY San Francisco?  I did think at first that this was meant to have taken place a few decades ago, and would have still thought that if the guy in the middle with the glasses didn’t use an online dating site in the show.

For me, this was a bit too much like reality!  And that’s not why I watch TV.  I watch to escape the reality of life, or to at least fantasize about what it could be.  This show was spot-on when it comes to what real life for a gay man is like.  I would have loved this show about 13 years ago when I was in my mid-twenties and either living this or trying desperately to. I would have related to it so well.

Sadly, in the long-run life was depressing back then and watching a repeat of it now on TV is still just as depressing and not something I care to partake in.  It hasn’t changed. So, this show was a strong reminder of past and present transgressions when it comes to sexuality. I don’t think I’m going to watch it anymore.

Sorry, HBO.  I’m not looking.


  1. Reblogged this on Gabriella West and commented:
    Reblogged from my friend Shannon Yarbrough’s site. I agree: “Looking” is a show that gives the finger to its audience. It gets the seediness and shallowness of San Francisco right, that I will say. But who wants to watch?

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