Building Putz Houses: Part 3

I finally finished the other two putz houses that I mentioned in my last post. Here they are:

The smaller frosty one without a base is one of my favorites because the design from the greeting card couldn’t have lined up more perfect. It’s definitely one of my better ones so far! It utilizes the same pattern that I used on my first three houses that I showed last week.

The other with the base and the trees was extremely difficult. So much that I hated it at one point and almost considered giving up on it. But it eventually turned out quite nice after I kept adding to it. I used the Little Charmer pattern from Its multiple pieces made it very time consuming to glue together. The website warns you that it can be difficult!  It’s not perfectly proportionate if you take a close look.

This was the first house I used the Marble Canna glitter on that I mentioned last week also that I didn’t care much for.  I kept adding more and more to it to improve the overall look. It is outlined in red Stickle glitter glue.  This is also the first house that I attempted building a proper base for, which is actually too thin, but using a greeting card to build it actually helped improve it a bit.  The fence border is made from a cool hole punch that I found, also courtesy of Martha Stewart products. It was very hard to get the fence to all be the same size, another minor imperfection you’ll notice if you look very close.

And finally, the bottle brush trees came from Etsy. I attempted to learn to make my own bottle brush trees and tried three times using different kinds of twine.  What a mess! They looked horrible.  I finally found a vendor on Etsy who sells lots of 6 trees for 3 bucks, so I bought 3 lots of them.

So there you have it!  What have I learned?

For these houses made from greeting cards, I’ll probably start adding more embellishments to the houses themselves and not worry about the complex bases.  I’ll save the nice base work for the true glitter houses I eventually will start making from cardboard and paint. Or if I do add bases, they’ll be flat card stock like the one from last week, which can still support a tree or small figure if I want to add it.

I’m also starting to experiment with making my own patterns using graph paper.  More about that in a post I am going to share tomorrow!


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