girlsSunday was spent doing laundry, making putz houses, and watching the all day marathon of the HBO series Girls.  This is my life.

I’d never even heard of this show before. Where have I been the last two years? Thankfully we were able to watch the entire first two seasons and then see the season premiere last night!

J and I were immediately hooked though the show is not really about anything other than some twenty something year old girls just experiencing life: theirs jobs, their dates and boyfriends, parties, college, every day woes.

Oh, but then there’s the sex. Lots of it. Good sex. Bad sex. Let’s just say sex plays a big part in the show.  Does that sound familiar?  Kind of like HBO has done this before (Insert subliminal message here: Sex and the City)?  Well, yes and no.

While we certainly compared it to Sex and the City while watching it.  It is indeed very different.  First of all, the girls are much younger so the view of the world around them is much different in comparison to Sex and the City.  And Lena Dunham, the creator of the show, executive producer, and who plays the lead role of Hannah, is definitely no Sarah Jessica Parker.

In fact, I think she’s better. Sure, she’s a bit pudgy around the middle, covered in tatts, and exposes her boobs and butt in about every other episode. But Hannah is an aspiring writer suffering with OCD. Add to that the typical boy issues that give conflict to really any show about girls and you at least have someone who is a bit more real.

Sure, Carrie in Sex was a writer in New York (like Hannah), but she was also a blond bombshell who never wanted for money, cocktails, or expensive shoes.  Hannah struggles as a writer, begs her parents for money, and her outfits look like they came from a shabby chic Goodwill.

And then there are the men. None of the leads are drop dead gorgeous, but you slowly find yourself attracted to them. Isn’t that the way life should be?  Adam Driver, who plays Adam, Hannah’s on again off again on again boyfriend, is definitely no looker.  He’s an alcoholic, somewhat abusive, and downright rude but it’s obvious that he completes Hannah. They are actually perfect for each other. Even in last night’s premiere he said that she was his best friend.

I could go on and on, dissecting the show and ranting about it. But that would be boring and embarrassing.  So, I’ll be blunt and leave you with this.  Besides tits (which I don’t even like but I’m still watching), it has killer music. Check out the Volume 1 soundtrack by clicking on the image above. Though I’m so disappointed that Judy Collins isn’t on there (she popped up in one of the episodes and sang Open the Door). Oh yeah, they played Aimee Mann in one of the episodes too and she’s not on that soundtrack either.

And though I’m not a girl, the show somewhat had me longing for my twenties again, of which if I got to do over, I’d at least try to laugh more, have more fun…and oh, have more sex, of course!

Now here’s Judy…

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  1. We don’t have HBO. I’ve read about this show and nearly everyone has the same to say. You have done a good comparison of the two shows – Sex in the City and Girls. Makes me think about getting the first season to see what I’ve missed.

    I read, on BuzzFeed, there was a dust up between the cast of Girls and a reporter. I think the reporter lost and should have quite while he was ahead.

    Great post.

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