Weighing in on 2013

I’s not fat. I’s fluffy.

Well, it’s been about 20 weeks since I wrote my last blog post about my weight loss for the year.  So, you probably thought if I stopped writing about it, that meant I’d given up and I secretly hoped you’d forget reading about it. Right?

Not true!

I was still going strong up until early October.  I had to go to San Diego for work for a few days, and when I returned I came down with a horrible upper respiratory infection.

This was the second time this year I had to fly somewhere warm, only to return to colder temps, and ended up getting sick. I’m sure being on the plane had something to do with that too.  After four trips to the doctor, a chest x-ray, a CT Scan, two steroids, a heavy antibiotic, and countless OTC drugs, I finally beat it by early November.

I also had family here the last weekend in October, while I was sick, who came to visit and to attend my book launch party for Dickinstein.  Oh yeah, I had a book that got released this year! There’s that!

And I’m still doing online classes too!  I finished my 3rd class the weekend before I had to go to San Diego. And in early November after just about beating the sickness, I started College Algebra. Yuck!  That’s pretty much felt like I was sick all over again. It’s been a pretty tedious time suck and I’m still not done.  But I have to try to finish up before January 15th!

Hmm…let’s see…what else happened that I can use an excuse?  Oh yeah….there’s Thanksgiving, Christmas prep, shopping, wrapping, decorating, traveling, and now it’s Christmas Eve today.  Let’s go ahead and blame all that stuff too because it does take up time and attention.

But my point here is that I have not been to the gym since early October before my trip and before I got sick, so I have definitely taken too long of a hiatus and it shows.  Numbers-wise I’d gotten down to about 225 by then, a 35 lb. loss for the year which is great!  By late October though, I was back to 235 despite being sick, and when I weighed in this past Saturday morning, I was at 238.  The weight is slowly creeping back on, and that disappoints me since I worked so hard to lose it.

But like many, I’ll be starting over January 1st with high hopes and big anticipation!  If I dropped just another 35 lbs. in 2014 and nothing more, that would put be at 203 which will be the least I’ve weighed probably since my early 30s!

So what does that mean?  Well, if you follow my blog, then yeah, you get to put up with more weight loss posts again next year, and yeah, they will probably be more frequent in the beginning of the year because everyone will be thinking about weight loss, won’t they?

But hopefully by the time next October rolls around, I can look back and read this post and be proud of what I’ve done since this moment.

I’ll see you on the scales, or at the gym, in 2014!


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