Emily is alive and well!

Photo of me from last Saturday's book launch party
Photo of me from last Saturday’s book launch party

For those of you who missed the book launch party this past weekend, I’m sorry!  We missed you! It was definitely a smash hit and a good time was had by all.  Thanks to all friends, family, and readers who were able to join us. Thanks to Davey Vaughn of This Is Our Dance for the live show. But most of all, big thanks to those of you who bought the book!

So what’s next?

If you are ready to read the book and still need to grab a copy, you can pick up Dickinstein at Amazon.com in paperback. It’s also available on Kindle.

It’s available at B&N too if you prefer to shop there.

Or support my local indie store, All On The Same Page, by calling or emailing for a copy.  They were gracious hosts for the party and will even have me swing by to sign a copy for you before they mail it off.

You can also buy direct from the publisher, Rocking Horse Publishing. This is a small local publisher so they appreciate the business. And again, they’ll notify me so I can sign the book for you before it gets shipped.

There is a GoodReads.com give away for one copy if you’d like to sign up for that. The winner will be picked at random on November 23rd.  As of today, 150 people have already entered to win. What’s even better is that 58 of those people have also added the book to their to-read list. Now, we all know our to-read list is a never ending laundry list that we add more to than we take away at times, but here’s hoping some of those readers will reach Dickinstein on their list very soon!

And there’s also a give away over at Facebook for a chance at one of 3 signed copies!  Just visit The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson page, like the page and look for the contest entry and post a comment.

I have another local event coming up on November 15th. More details to follow about that. It is a fundraiser event in support of The Book House of St. Louis. I’m also trying to get an event scheduled in my hometown of Dyersburg, TN before the end of the year. The local library there has been searching for a new director, so it’s been difficult to get a response.

Though many ask, it doesn’t matter where you buy the book – you are supporting me regardless and supporting the book!  What is even more important is if you’d take the time to post a quick review of it somewhere, letting other readers out there know how good it is!  Amazon is the best place for reviews and they hold the most merit there. But reviews at B&N.com or GoodReads are always welcome! There are already two 5 star reviews at Amazon if you’d like to check them out!

For now, I’m sending out eblasts and review requests daily and scouring the web for more leads.  That’s the joy of a new book when you are an author.  You hope the readers like it, but first you’ve got to find them and get them to read it! If you are not much of a review writer, that’s okay. Feel free to email me and let me know your thoughts or comment here on the blog. I love hearing from readers!

Emily is alive and well!  Enjoy!

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