Emily is coming! Pre-order Dickinstein Today!

7353821We are just 2 weeks away from the official book launch for my new book Dickinstein!

If you have been following the journey of this book here on my site, then you know it’s been over a year now, all leading up to this!  It’s hard to believe it’s almost here.

I really do think this is the best book I’ve ever written, and I at least hope my readers think that too!  It’s a very stressful time for an author when they have a new book coming out. Sure, they’ve let several people, editors and friends, read it by now. But they are always going to judge the book from the point of view of a professional or a friend. It’s not always the pure honest feedback that you get from a reader across the country that you don’t know. And it’s also that honest feedback that scares the dickens out of you!

The anticipation an author feels when releasing a new book upon the world is frightening at times. My heart actually pounds just thinking about it. I’ve always said writing is a lonely task, and it leads up to this – hoping that readers will share in the love and excitement that you’ve poured into a story on the page.

Emily Dickinson’s life and work is a subject dear to my heart. I still find inspiration in her and her poetry to this day. So, I hope other Emily fans out there will enjoy this new twist that I’ve put on her life.

Click on the book cover to pre-order your copy from the publisher today!

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