An Interview with Emily Dickinson and Frankenstein: Part 2

DSCN0664Shannon: Emily, in my book I wrote that you received a copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a gift and that is what causes a lot of the events in my book to transpire. Have you actually read it?

Emily: Oh yes indeed!  I have always been a lover of science and theory. My copy was published under the name Anonymous, just like in your book. I always liked to imagine their name was actually A. Nonymous. Regardless, I was filled with gratitude to learn a woman had written it.

Shannon: And Frank, have you read any of Emily’s poems?

Frank: Yesssss.

Shannon: Did you like them?

Frank: Yesssss.

Shannon: Do you have a favorite?

Frank: Yesssss.

Shannon: Would you like to recite it?

Frank: Nooooo.

Emily: Oh, come now, Frank. We’d love to hear your interpretation.  Which poem is it and perhaps I can help you?

Frank: Because I could not stop for Death

Emily: He kindly stopped for me; the carriage held but just ourselves and immortality.

Frank: Gooood.

Emily: My pleasure. It’s one of my favorites as well.

Shannon: Mine too. Emily, would you say you feared death?

Emily: I feared it and was intrigued by it. I think that’s why I wrote about it so much.

Shannon: And what about you, Frank?  Oh wait. You are dead.  Well, in a sense. I suppose you can still answer the question. Do you fear death?

Frank: Nooooo.

Shannon: What do you fear then?

Frank: Indigestion.

(awkward silence)

Shannon: Moving right along… Do you enjoy music?

Emily: Oh yes indeed! I love to play the piano in the parlor. When father was alive, I played the piano for him quite often. That serves as a great memory of him for me.

Shannon: Frank, what music do you enjoy?

Frank: Monster mash.

Shannon: (laughing) You would say that, wouldn’t you?

Frank: Mash good.

Check back soon for Part 3, the conclusion of my interview with Emily Dickinson and Frankenstein, coming soon!

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