Weighing In On Week 16

weighing inSeveral weeks have passed since my last update. I was deep into trade show season for work through most of March. That meant lots of “quick” eating which wasn’t always healthy eating. That also meant not getting regular gym-like exercise though I was on the go – getting up at 4am to catch planes, setting up the booth, standing on my feet for 8+ hours a day, being exhausted, getting sick from travel and weather changes, you get the idea.  I knew I was going to have a lapse, but I didn’t get discouraged.

But it all adds up and it added 4 pounds back on the scale for me which I was not happy about it.  But I weighed in on Friday and had lost 2 of those pounds already. Due to actually getting sick, I did not return to the gym right away after the shows were over. Last week was my official “back on track” week.

I went to the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I also had a great week calorie wise. Today was my 105th day in a row that I’ve logged into myfitnesspal.com too.  I’m still using it because it is working for me, and recently a long distance friend signed up and seems to be having success with it too.

On MyFitnessPal, I reset my goals a few weeks ago which gave me about 400 more calories a day.  I did this because I found that I just kept going over more than I cared to, even on days when I felt I was eating right. So, instead of 1910 calories a day I can now have 2300.  It doesn’t mean I will use them though. But that has worked out much better for me because I only went over once last week and that was yesterday, and Saturday is usually a cheat day for me anyway. I’ve still saved about 7,000 calories for the week not counting the 2300 I’m allowed today.

Now that the weather is warming up and we have more daylight hours, exercising will be easier for me.  I’ve set Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday as my regular gym days each week and then I’ll do some type of outdoor activity – biking or walking – on at least one weekend day.

I’ve still got a while to goal before I get to my ultimate weight, but what’s important is that I’m still motivated more than ever to get there. It will happen! Spring time is a great time to get started and an easier time of year to stay motivated now that winter is behind us.  How are you doing with your weight loss goals this year?

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