Leaving on a Jet Plane

ImageLast Tuesday I flew to Orlando, Florida for another trade show, the last one of my Spring season. I was on a new 737 with Southwest. It was nice and roomy and had soft blue light under the overhead and down the middle of the ceiling that stayed on through the whole flight. I had a whole row to myself since the flight wasn’t full. Other than the mood lighting, I didn’t really notice any differences. That is, until my flight back on Friday. The seats were cramped, especially since the flight was fully booked. No mood lighting either!  I don’t fly much, no more than twice a year though I have another show to do this year in San Diego, but that flight down there kind of spoiled me.

And it only got better.

The weather in Orlando was gorgeous despite rain in the forecast which never lasted long. Everything was green and in bloom.  And palm trees!

We stayed in the Peabody which was a four star hotel. Despite some minor set-backs like our rooms not being ready at check-in and the cost of a bottled soda being $3.72 with tax!, it definitely felt like I was on vacation. The hotel is huge. The room was nice. The view from my room overlooking the giant pool was great. There was a spa, though I didn’t use it. A gym, though I didn’t use it either.

Why, you ask?  I had to work!  There was a nice array of shops and restaurants within walking distance (pictured), and we did do City Walk the second night. That’s the free part of Universal Studios which is shops and restaurants.

Overall, it definitely felt more like a vacation than work. The trade show was only one full day, and three hours another day. Compared to the KC snowstorm that hit the last week of February when we were there for our first show this year, Orlando was a piece of cake.

I kind of hoped I’d come home to spring weather and green grass and blooming flowers, but instead we got 14 inches of snow yesterday. Sigh…

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