Weighing In On Week 12

scale-faceIt’s been a while since I posted about my dieting goals.  No worries. I haven’t given up.  There just hasn’t been much to report. I’m still going to the gym, though not as regularly the last few weeks. That’s mainly because I’ve been traveling to trade shows for work. I have my last trade show of the season this week, so I’m hoping my dieting and exercise schedule can return to normal very soon.

I’ve still been religiously logging my food at myfitnesspal.com. It’s been pretty depressing to see how many days I’ve gone over without enough calorie burning from exercise to combat that.  But it’s keeping me motivated to make changes.

Despite the horrible food I had to eat for a week while in Kansas City at a show the last week of February, I still managed to drop two pounds when I weighed in for the first time since then last weekend.  Of course, when I got on the scale today, the pounds were back so I hadn’t truly lost them.

The good news is that I haven’t gained any of the 18 lbs back that I had previously lost before this lull began. So, it’s kind of like I took a month long break from all of this, but will be getting back on track next week.  And I hope to see some more pounds being lost once my body gets acclimated to the exercise again.

So, right now, I’m still sitting at about 18 lbs lost for the year. My calorie goal for the day is 1910. I usually go over at least three times a week, but not really by much. I average about 1500 calories saved each week, but I’d love to double that.  Once Spring if officially here and we have warmer weather every day, I think that will be easier to do.

So that’s where I am.  How are you and your weight loss goals going for the year?

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