Dickinstein: Editing and Feedback

Dickinstein2After returning from Kansas City, I finally managed to pick up my manuscript again and continue my editing of Dickinstein, due out in October with Rocking Horse Publishing.

It still feels new to me as I read it, and I think that’s important. I fully admit I’ve gotten dragged down during the editing process of other work.  I think every author does.  We’re excited about the book, but we just want to be done with it.  We want to let go.  I don’t feel that way with this book…not yet anyway.  We’ll see how I feel between now and October.

I’m already getting great feedback from my beta readers too, which is important. These are authors and reviewers that I trust and admire, so their personal and professional opinions are very important to me.  After all, they are getting to read the book before anyone else.  Here is a snippet of an email I received yesterday from one of them:

The style is true and Emily herself would be proud. I love stories where the young heroine has a longing for science and you couldn’t have picked a better heroine or a better science fiction. They compliment each other very well. Your descriptions are lovely, the scene setting is just divine, and Emily is so real in her interconnectedness, any woman who has felt the restraints and constraints of womanhood will immediately be able to relate to her and root for her to succeed. She is soft yet determined and so in love with the magic of the world.

And then here’s another who responded last week:

What an ambitious undertaking!  I typically enjoy books more that I could never have written and this is one of those.  The voice seems accurate for the time period and it feels like classic literature…

Wow!  Just…Wow!  You can’t ask for better feedback than that.  It seems I’ve accomplished exactly what I was hoping for.  I wanted it to feel like classic literature.  I wanted it to have a feminine quality.  And I didn’t tell them any of that up front.

So what’s next?  I still have one more beta reader to hear from.  The two above will also email again once they’ve finished the entire book. As for me, I’ll hopefully be done with my edit by the end of this month and then we’ll turn it back over to the publisher.

Next time I’ll blog a bit about my personal editing process.  Each author has their own.  It’s pretty boring stuff, but it might help someone out there.

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