Weighing In On Week 7

blenderballThere was nothing really new to report last week which is why there was no Week 6 post. No worries…I was still recording my meals over at My Fitness Pal and still going to the gym.

This week I stepped on the scale to discover I’d lost another 2 lbs!  That’s an 18 lb. loss since I started on New Year’s Eve!

It’s been too cold to walk outside, but I had another “on my feet” all day work day this week so I was excited to wear my pedometer for that and recorded about a 300 calorie loss after walking 1.5 miles.

Other fun motivators this week included buying a BlenderBall protein shaker.  I actually got a set of two over at Amazon. I love them!  Previously, I’d been using a plastic cup and lid that included a straw.  I had to mix my protein shake with a spoon and there was always clumps of the mix left floating in the top no matter how much I stirred. No clumps with this new shaker!  And the lid has a super tight snap-close lid, so there is no leakage. It also has a measuring grid printed on the side which is helpful. It’s easy and convenient!

Yesterday I made a trip to Kohl’s for some clothes shopping.  While I was there, I picked up three new workout shirts and two pair of shorts.  Having extra workout clothes is always a plus!  Who am I kidding?  Treating yourself to new clothes of any kind is fun, right?

Remember last time when I said I needed to try to save 4K in calories a week?  Well, that didn’t happen last week.  In fact, I went over my daily calorie goal 4 times!  EEK! But this week I’ve done much better.  I haven’t gone over once.  I probably still won’t meet that 4K savings though (unless I burned 2K in calories when I hit the gym today).

My point though is that even though I’m still working out my weekly goals and we’re two months into the year, just being aware of what I eat, trying to eat better, and going to the gym weekly is helping regardless.  I’m still motivated!  And I’ve dropped 18 lbs!


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  1. I just got your name from Robin at All on the Same Page books. She said you are a Chaplin fan, so I want to let you know about a birthday party we’re having in mid April… his birthday. Send me an email; maybe you would like to come.

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