Weighing In On Week 2

Last Sunday I had a great day overall – lots of nice exercise, healthy eating, and all of my nutrients were in check for the most part without me even trying.  I’m usually just a calorie counter, but My Fitness Pal also tracks protein, carbs, and fat for you when you enter your meals properly. Here’s where I was before even eating dinner:

week2I had my homemade breakfast casserole for breakfast with coffee.  I was afraid this was going to be too high in carbs, but it was actually higher in protein.  For lunch, I had a low sodium turkey sandwich on wheat and a cup of milk.

The total above includes 610 calories I earned after a nice 30 minute workout at the gym and another 20 minute half mile walk with J at the park. At the gym, I tried a new machine called PreCor Adaptive Motion Trainer.  Using it, I burned about 300 calories in 25 minutes.  It’s a lot like a stair stepper and elliptical combined.  It made me feel almost like I was floating when I really got going.  I’ll definitely be doing it more!

Hitting the gym on Monday, I quickly discovered what the busiest day of the week is!  There were tons of people there but I was still able to get in and not have to wait on equipment.  I did the elliptical and the Precor again.

I didn’t want that breakfast casserole to go to waste, so I had a single serving for lunch Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Had to skip the gym on Wednesday because of other plans, but I’m still watching my calories and recording everything I eat on My Fitness Pal.

Back to the gym on Thursday though.  I weighed in that morning and to my surprise the scale said 250!  I had lost 10 pounds!

To celebrate, I made Friday my cheat day.  J was all for that.  I had not considered having a cheat day at all until a coworker suggested it.  I’d been craving fish, so we had Long John Silver’s.  On Saturday, we both noticed the greasy (and yummy) fish didn’t upset our stomach like fast food has a tendency to do.  This was also the first time we’d had fast food so far this year!

Stepped on the scale again Saturday morning just to be sure, and yep, still at 250.  Those ten pounds are officially gone!

I’m still being loyal to My Fitness Pal each and everyday.  It’s such a useful tool and really gets me to thinking about other things besides calories. However, I’ve discovered I love the app on my Kindle more so than logging into the site on my computer. On my computer, I have to run reports if I want to check carbs or sugars.  On my Kindle, it shows me a breakdown of everything at once – daily or weekly.  It’s almost impossible to avoid sugars, but it sure is fun to try to control things like carbs or to increase proteins.

I also still love their Recipe feature.  Saturday night we made homemade pizza. Using the Recipe feature, I calculated that our pizza (2 slices) equaled 524 calories, 57 carbs, 25 fat, and 24 protein. That’s almost half what my favorite pizza at Papa John’s is.  And guess what? No upset or rumbling stomach after eating our pizza either!

tumblr_m85khsnfFK1rx3zw8o1_500Next week I plan to start working on an at-home workout routine that I can do on my off days from the gym. In 2010, I had a subscription to Men’s Health and saved a tear out poster of something called The Spartacus Workout.  I admit I saved it because the guy on the poster is hot (Andy Whitfield from Spartacus: Blood and Sand). It consists of 10 exercises and you are supposed to do each one for 1 minute and rest for 2 minutes in between.  The entire routine takes about 41 minutes, and should burn 596 to 866 calories.  I figured if I can achieve at least half of the exercises twice a week, that will help add to my overall goal.  I’m so glad I saved that poster!

So that’s where I am at the end of Week 2.  How are you doing with your weight loss goals so far this year?


  1. My partner and I are trying to get back into eating right–there is just too much stress and too much junk lying around during the Holiday Season. I am less concerned with weight and more with managing my joint pain–I know that animal fat makes me into the Tin Man without an oil can, but even so it’s hard to stay on track. Having fresh veggies and poultry in the fridge certainly helps, but then Papa Johns tells me I have enough points for two free pizzas and I feel my resolve weaken…

    • You are gonna hate me – I let a free PJ Pizza offer expire last week. I won it in that free 2 million pizza give away they were having! We are really enjoying making our own pizzas at home lately. They are more healthy, have more toppings, and less grease. You should try one.

      • I haven’t tried home made pizza, I should give it a shot. Still, the siren song of the grease laden monstrosity in the cardboard box, delivered to me with no work on my part… it’s my kryptonite.

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