On My Way Home…

Alexandru-Vita-20080815190854-Kitten-playing…from work last night I heard a line in the audio book I’m listening to that really struck a chord with me.

It was something along the lines of how writing a book is like finding a brightly colored string in the grass and following it to see where it leads.  Sometimes the string breaks and you are lost.  But sometimes it leads you to a great treasure at the end.  That treasure is not finishing the book.  It is the book itself.

That’s how I felt with the book I completed this year.  It was an amazing and exciting journey as I followed that string.  And it was a big sigh of relief at the end where I found a treasure indeed – a book I never set out to write.  It just happened, literally in an instant with a spark of an idea that I chose not to ignore.  Sometimes those are the best kind.

And that spark came from a thought I had on my way to work one day.

I hope to be sharing it with my readers next year.  But for now, it’s still my own personal treasure.

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