Book Review: Interview with a Vampire – Claudia’s Story

cstoryI haven’t been a “comics” reader since high school, but wanted to give Claudia’s Story a try since I am an Anne Rice fan. For those who have read Interview with a Vampire or even just seen the movie, you should know there is very little “new” information to the storyline here. This book tells Claudia’s story from her point of view, but there is nothing here that you don’t already know about her. Her frustrations at being a young vampire and yearning for the knowledge of her kind is all here. Her anger toward Lestat, her love for Louis, and those frustrations that unfortunately lead to the end of her story all play out here.

The pros of the book lean more toward the visuals. Those eager for a fresh glimpse at the characters will be pleased. Lestat looks much like I pictured he would while I was reading Interview – a striking long haired blond. Louis, not so much – a boyish brunette. But I was pleased to find Louis and Armand looked completely different than the Hollywood versions. However, the visuals are also a con here. The entire book is in shades of black and white unless there is blood or fire in the picture which is obviously represented by shades of red and deep orange. I would have much preferred to see more of the book in color, but a printing like that would surely increase the price!

That being said, the physicality of the book itself makes it a beautiful addition to my Anne Rice hardcover collection. The jacket has a velvety flat sheen to it and has a unique feel to it in your hands. The pages inside are vividly printed but do not have too much high gloss. Ashley Marie Witter, the artist, is to be commended for such detailed work! As I glanced over the pages while reading it, I kept wondering how long it must have taken for her to complete this project.

Hardcore Rice fans may be a bit disappointed at first since they really already know Claudia’s story – pick up this book anyway just for the art! Those who are new to Rice will eat up the visuals, and anyone who is a fan of graphic novels will too.


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