Pineapple Sage!

I’ve mentioned pineapple sage before – We planted one single plant last year in the garden and it sprouted a beautiful red flower all through October and November.  We bought 10 plants this year and planted them throughout the back flower bed for a touch of a color this Autumn.  The rabbits enjoyed eating on some of them, but for the most part, they grew tall and healthy.

And here they are doing exactly what we wanted:

Both the flowers and leaves are edible and have a light pineapple flavor.  We used leaves to make a flavored vinegar this summer which we gave away to friends and they enjoyed it very much.

This bed runs along the back of our property and most of it is in the shade.  Once the spring flowers have come and gone, mostly different varieties of hosta fill in and its a lush green garden the rest of the year.  As you can see from the picture, the sage is thriving now at the end of the season and doesn’t mind the cold weather when the hosta are wilting away.

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