A Look of Fall

It’s been a while since I posted any garden photos thanks to the awful heat of summer, so I thought I’d share with you what’s blooming these days.

You know Fall is here when the Sedums (also called Stonecrop) are turning pink.  We have several of the same variety in all of our flowerbeds.  In Spring, they start out as a rubbery green plant, but they soon sprout a lime green-colored bushy flower at the top.  As the seasons progress, that flower turns white.  It never dies off.  When Fall is nearing, the flower turns a rosey pink like what you see here and by November it will be deep red.

They are a very hardy flower and can easily be split for transplanting.  I bought two when we first moved into the house.  I had seen them growing in the median along one of the roads here and wanted some of my own. A few years later my aunt’s beds were full of them and she wanted to thin them, so I took all of the ones she pulled up.  At this time of year when nothing else is blooming, I can always rely on the Sedums for a bit of color.  And as you can see, the bees like them too.

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