Fifty Shades of Grey – Chapter 25

Well, we finally get a break from all the email exchanges in this chapter.  Only 3 pages of emails as Ana says good-bye to Georgia and tells Mr. Grey she can’t wait to see him. He feels the same.  She’s worried that he’s been stand offish for some reason.  He’s worried about her emailing while the plane is taking off.

It’s so angelic!

Taylor picks her up at the airport.  That’s Mr. Grey’s assistant, bodyguard, male dominant lover. I don’t know what he is.

Mr. Grey is so happy to see her and wants her to take a shower with him.  This guy really likes to bathe!  Oh, and he likes her skirt.

She blushes. She flushes. They have sex. They go to bed. Yawn!

They have breakfast and then go over the safe words – Yellow and Red.  How boring!  I’d half expect him to choose chartreuse and mahogany, but that’s just me.

He restrains her and blindfolds her and gives her music to listen to. And then he leaves the room to go have sex with Taylor.  Just kidding!  That’s what I would have done.

He teases her with a flogger and some type of furry glove while forcing her to listen to, and I quote from Ana, “holy cow, a celestial choir – singing a capella in my head, an ancient, ancient hymnal.”  Who listens to holy cows these days?  Moooo-la-lulah?

Apparently the music was something called Spem in Alium, (Spam and Alien?) a forty-part motet by Thomas Tallis that Mr. Grey has always wanted to have as a soundtrack to sex. You can listen to it here if you wish and decide for yourself how gay this man is.  Straight men have sex to songs like Hotel California or Free Bird, not this!


Check back tomorrow for my commentary on Chapter 26 – the FINAL chapter in this saga of Mr. Gay…I mean Grey.


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