Fifty Shades of Grey – Chapter 24

Ana is dreaming about sex with Mr. Grey. They wake up and he turns her down.  He’s got other plans.

He takes her out flying on a glider.

And then they go to IHOP.  (Yep, my thoughts exactly.)  But Ana offers to pay at least.

Guess what happens next? Go on…guess.

THREE PAGES of emails!

Ana: Sometimes, you really know how to show a girl a good time. Thank you.

Yeah, cause a rich handsome guy taking you to IHOP is definitely a good time.

Ana and her mom cook dinner, to which Christian is invited. “My mom has decided on gazpacho soup and a barbecue with steaks marinated in olive oil, garlic, and lemon. Christian likes meat, and it’s simple to do.”  Yeah, I bet he likes meat alright!

But Mr. Grey cancels and has to go back to Seattle – I’m sure the meat he likes can’t be found at a barbecue in Georgia at least!

Ana obsesses over why he left.

Five more pages of emails.

Ana goes to bed saying, “Like the fool I am, I cannot resist the lure of Christian Grey’s words.”   Umm…I’ve read drunken Facebook posts that had more allure than this Email B.S. that goes on between these two.

One more email from Mr. Grey letting her know he’s got plans for her this Friday!  Ana worries.  Oh No!  What has she done?!?!  I’ll tell you what you’ve done. E.L. James has written another boring chapter, that’s what she’s done!


  1. Oh dear…do NOT, repeat DO NOT read these posts when you’re somewhere you have to be quiet. It will be painful…very painful. OTOH, maybe that’s the point of 50 Shades?

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