Fifty Shades of Grey – Chapter 18

Is that a pimple on your chest or is your chest hair just happy to see me?

Ana finds Mr. Grey’s doctor waiting for her.  Yep, she’s about to get fitted for birth control pills.

Mr. Grey takes her to the Red Room of Pain.  Woah! Daddy!

And then what does he do?  He braids her hair!  Why not pick out some fancy nail polish for her toes and then let her wax your arm pits while you both talk about boys!  Tee hee!

A few pages of directions and commands follow…put your hands here, remember this, do this, don’t do this, yes sir, hold still, yes sir, no sir, sir, sir….

But that riding crop she dreamed about shows up!  (Ebay, Mr. Grey?)  And it brought a few friends…black leather cuffs, a grid and shackles.  He trusses her up and the fun begins!

Out of all the whimpering, sirs, moaning, whipping, breath hitching, and inner goddess talking, Ana somehow makes notes that he has small chicken pox-like scars on his chest. Way to ruin the moment, Ana!

Just when she thinks they are done, he wants more.  Remember the cable ties he bought at the hardware store?  Bet Ana wishes she had never restocked them that morning!

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