Fifty Shades of Grey – Chapter 17

This chapter starts with about 9 more pages of emails!  Well, she asked for it. It goes something more or less like this…

Ana: You assaulted my bottom and I felt violated afterwards. Hope you are having a good day at work. Oh, and thanks for spending the night.

Mr. Grey: I am grateful for your inexperience. Punishment spanking hurts more than sensual spanking. I felt sated.

Ana: WTF? Are you in a meeting? I wish I was in Alaska right now.

Mr. Grey: Yes, I’m in a meeting. If you were in Alaska, I’d track you down using my fancy cell phone technology and I would spank you again.

Ana: You need therapy.

Mr. Grey: I have an excellent doctor. Speaking of, we need to get you contraception.

Ana: I’m going to drive my new Audi to work now. Buh, bye!

So, Ana goes to work and a package gets delivered.  It’s a blackberry from Mr. Grey so he can keep in touch and the email charade continues.

Ana says good-bye to the hardware store crew and the owner presents here with a gift – a DIY butt plug!  Just kidding, they give her a check for $300 which she accepts with no argument, by the way!  I thought giving it to her all in sweaty bills would have been fun!

José and Ana go out for Chinese.  Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance, but it’s good to see Ana eating something.

Ana returns home to Kate and Elliot bumping nastys.  She can’t see them, but she can hear them. Unfortunately, E.L. James spared us the details.

Mr. Grey calls. They chat. Then they play a game of you hang up, no you hang up, I don’t want to hang up first, you hang up now, no you hang up…

Next, Ana has pizza with Kate and Elliot.  What a pig!

Mr. Grey sends a bottle of champagne with a helicopter-shaped balloon attached with a note welcoming them to their new home. I was hoping for a large penis shaped balloon but I guess that would have been inappropriate.

Ana wakes up to a “gray Sunday.” More emails about their plans for the evening, and then she goes to see Mr. Grey.


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