Fifty Shades of Grey – Chapter 7

Sticks and stone may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me!

Ana gets to see Mr. Grey’s playroom and oh what a fun room it is!  Polished wood, restraints on the wall, carabiners hanging from the ceiling, a rack of whips and floggers and canes, a giant bed covered in red leather with red satin cushions. The walls are painted a deep sultry burgundy….close to the color of Ana’s cheeks from all the blushing she does.

This man knows how to party!

Mr. Grey explains that he’s a dominant and it would be her role to please him. He explains there are rules to follow and that she’d have her own bedroom and wardrobe when she stayed with him.  She’s a bit taken aback that she would not be sleeping with him.

First the rules are explained:

  • Obedience – she must obey him at all times without question
  • Sleep – she’s gonna need 7 hours every night
  • Food – eat regularly from a prescribed list of foods and no snacking!
  • Clothes – he must approve her clothing and will even provide a budget for such
  • Exercise – four times a week, one hour each time with a trainer
  • Personal Hygiene/Beauty – keep it shaved and waxed, honey!
  • Personal Safety – no more margaritas!
  • Personal Qualities – be respectful, don’t do anybody else, mind your manners, or daddy will punish!

So guess which rule Ana has the biggest issue with?  Exercise!  She talks him down to 3.5 hours a week.  Never mind the fact that this man is gonna own you three days a week, control what you eat and wear, spank your ass if you get out of line…I don’t wanna exercise, damn it! Sweating is gross!

Next, we go over the hard limits…

  • No fire.
  • No urination or scat.
  • No needles or knives or blood.  (Aisle 3 at the hardware store, Ana.)
  • No medical instruments.  (Aisle 69.)
  • No children or pets. (Here kitty, kitty!)
  • No permanent marks on the skin (party pooper!)
  • No breath control (No worries, Ana loses her breath every time she just looks at him!)
  • No electric contact or fire (yeah, didn’t we say that already?)

He asks her if she has anything to add to this (Ana, don’t you need a safe word?  How ’bout gray?).  She explains she doesn’t know because she’s never done anything like this before because…

She’s a virgin!

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