Fifty Shades of Grey – Chapter 3

Take my picture! I am 50 shades of hot!

In this chapter Katherine and Ana plan the photo shoot with Mr. Grey at his hotel. They ask Ana’s friend José, who we met last chapter, to do the photographing.

Kate’s take charge bitchiness begins to shine through, after all, she wrote a profile about the man – but was too sick to do the interview!  Ana pouts and sticks her tongue out at her cell phone after hanging up with Kate. 😛

After the arrangements are made, we learn Ana can drink in Washington.  Not sure about the other states though: “I am gushing and breathy – like a child, not a grown woman who can vote and drink legally in the state of Washington.” 50 States Ana Can Drink In was the tentative title for this book.

Ana can barely sleep the night before the shoot.  Here’s a long list of things she dreams about that night…”smoky gray eyes, coveralls, long legs, long fingers, and dark, dark unexplored places.”  We also learn she has a very strong subconscious that she frequently speaks to and also “slaps down.”  Too bad she can’t slap down Kate!

But the shoot goes well. Mr. Grey shows up in gray slacks (Shock!) and a white shirt with his wet hair looking all messy. Afterwards, he asks Ana to coffee.  Kate warns Ana, “…he’s dangerous. Especially for someone like you.”  Pouty face!  😛

Ana ditches her friends despite not liking coffee. Mr. Grey leads her to the coffee shop literally by her hand and she orders tea.  Nope, not Earl Grey either.

Small talk ensues about their parents though Mr. Grey doesn’t seem too interested really. Instead, Ana spends the entire chapter turning fifty shades of red…crimson, beet, scarlet, to name a few.  And she establishes that neither José the photographer or Paul the hardware store owner’s brother interest her.

As they leave, Mr. Grey asks her if she always wears jeans.  This apparently makes her turn fifty shades of denim because she stumbles into traffic and almost gets hit by a cyclist.  Mr. Grey saves the day and she’s eager for him to kiss her. But oh no…

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