Fifty Shades of Grey – A Gay Man’s Review

Yes, I’ve drank the kool-aid like everyone else and started reading EL James’ Fifty Shades of Gay Grey.

I love a book that gets everyone reading and talking, and I figured I might as well find out for myself what all the talk is about.  Besides, this book has almost 10K in reviews over at Amazon.

4K of those gave it 5 stars.  Well, 3K also gave it one star. Chances are this is the only book the 5 star people have read since Dick and Jane in grade school, so they don’t count.

But, I’m doing it! I’m going to read it and judge for myself.

And you are in luck, because if you follow my blog I’m going to give you a chapter by chapter review of it!  There are 26 chapters total so get ready for 26 posts of either laughter or debauchery. Or some of both I bet!

We’ll see…

Chapter 1’s review is coming up tomorrow!

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