Ten Things I’ve Learned From My Beard

I decided not to shave a week ago today.  It’s not uncommon for me to go a day or two without shaving, but it’s been a week now. It grows so quick I typically have five o’clock shadow just a few hours after I shave, so it was no surprise I’d look like this by now.

The picture was taken literally just a few moments ago.  Seven days worth!  I’ve had a goatee and a soul patch before, but never a full beard so it’s been fun and interesting to say the least.

This got me to thinking about some of the funny things I’ve learned this week from letting it grow out, worthy enough of a blog post at least…

#1  After three days of heavy scruff, people began to ask if I was growing a beard. My reply was yes, but I thought that was a funny question.  It was usually followed by a “Why?” to which I didn’t really have a firm answer so I just said “I felt like it.” When growing facial hair, be prepared for bizarre questions.

#2 I was afraid it would be itchy, but it’s not bad especially when I keep it trimmed off the neck.  Itchy myths debunked.  But this leads to rule #3…

#3 Keeping it shaved off your neck and achieving a nice straight line below your jaw and chin that’s equal on both sides is a bitch!  It’d be easier just to shave the whole thing off.

#4  When you start growing a beard, other hair seems to think it’s okay to start growing too.  The hair in my nose, on my cheeks, and on my ears has required extra attention this week.  C’mon!  I never had hair that high on my cheeks before!

#5 Extra napkins, please.  Hair is a catch all around your mouth when eating and you can’t really feel it lingering there like you would if it was on your face.  Just when I think I’ve wiped my mouth pretty good, I go to the bathroom only to find crumbs lingering.

#6 Chapstick is a must. I’m constantly tickling my tongue with my bristle around my mouth but it really dries out the lips.

#7 Man scape daily!  Besides the hair on my cheeks that needs taming now, I’m also using scissors to clip around the sideburns, the neck, the mouth.  Trimming hedges in the yard is easier!

#8 Wet. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Washing the face now takes a bit longer, especially to rinse.

#9 Heat may break the deal.  Why I chose to grow a beard now in the dead of summer with triple digit weather outside is beyond me.  But so far, it has not been an issue.

#10  I look pretty good with a beard if I do say so myself.  So for now, I’m keeping it and going to keep up with it.

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