Herb Wreath

Just call me Martha!

Yep, I’ve been making an herb wreath.  With our plethora of herbs going to seed, and some of the other flowers drying out, I’ve been harvesting them and making a wreath.  I even added some grape vine from our fence row.  I plan to continue to add more layers and hang it on the front door this fall, but what do you think of it so far?

I started by collecting large bundles of mint, an herb that had a lot of leaves and also a lot of flowers on the end. Arranging them like tight little bouquets of several stems, I tied them together using twine.  Then, I added other herbs and also some tickseed stems by sticking the stems into the twine.

I took fresh grapevine and cut long stems and then stripped most of the large leaves off.  I wrapped the vine around the wreath and then left it out to dry in the sun.   I’ll post more pictures of it as it continues to build.

It’s a great way to utilize plants and herbs in your garden as they die off or go to seed, and the wreath can be composted at the end of the season!

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