Eric called me a writer of note!

Earlier this week I was featured on fellow writer Eric Arvin’s website.  Eric is an author and illustrator.  Oh, he’s a nice piece of eye candy too!  So, check out his site, check out his books, and check out his pecs pics.  I meant pics!  Pics!

Here’s a picture of Eric toasting me and looking dreamily into my eyes.  I cut myself out of the photo because there’s just no comparison.  Kidding!  Again!  😉

But seriously, thanks Eric for featuring me on your site!  It is much appreciated.

And when you have a chance, and if you enjoy yummy gay fiction, check out Eric’s books.  I’ve read a few and they are quite good.  If you miss Desperate Housewives already, I suggest starting with his Vignettes on Jasper Lane series.

Thanks again, Eric!

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