The Late Lilies of Summer

Summer officially started yesterday, and I was pleased to see these tiger lilies blooming in the front yard. I was afraid they weren’t going to bloom at all.  Weeks ago when everything else was in bloom, along with several of the other lilies in the yard, these guys did not have one single bud.  I was afraid they were dormant, or too old, or needed to be thinned. But about two weeks ago I noticed stalks coming up and the blooms opened just a few days ago. Right now when it’s so hot and dry, and everything in the garden is usually spent, it’s nice to still walk out and see a pop of color and a bright cheerful flower.

There’s also one last Asiatic lily blooming right now, pretty in yellow, standing proud in the middle of one of the beds all by itself yelling, “Look at me!”  It survived the rabbit raid, but it’ll probably be spent by the end of the week. 😦  See you next year!

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