366 of Me: Day 167

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the Dads out there!

These are pictures of a male cardinal feeding his baby in our backyard.

This is also my last 366 post. Sadly, another new year’s resolution I’m giving up on before completing it.

It’s a mixture of reasons why I’m giving up…I’ve lost interest in it, tired of finding things to photograph too, and this little experiment has helped me to see how small my life really is or maybe it’s just my view of it.

I’m also tired of being the one behind the camera.Β  Sounds selfish? Maybe so, and if so, forgive me.Β  But thanks to all who have enjoyed it thus far.


  1. Hi, lovely pictures in your post. I’m sorry to hear this will be your last. Go on, carry on! Why not give yourself a break and take one photo a day and leave the writing until you are more inspired. You could post pictures of yourself first thing in the morning or last thing at night, your lunch, anything! We all have relatively small lives and parts in the world but we are all important to someone (or more than one if we are lucky!). If this is your last post, then good luck to you and your talents!

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