To kick of my summer vacation, I offered all 3 of my books free for 3 days on Amazon Kindle!  I was also out of town this past weekend so didn’t get to pay attention to how well the promo was going or where I stood on the bestseller charts.  But apparently it wasn’t bad!

Imagine my surprise today to come home to this:

Yep, my latest book Are You Sitting Down? was downloaded almost 16K times in the U.S. alone!!!!

Here are the final results for each book by country:

Are You Sitting Down?

  • Amazon US 15919 downloads
  • Amazon UK 331 downloads
  • Amazon DE 7 downloads
  • Amazon FR 8 downloads
  • Total: 16265 downloads

Stealing Wishes

  • Amazon US 661 downloads
  • Amazon UK 41 downloads
  • Amazon DE 7 downloads
  • Total: 709 downloads

The Other Side of What

  • Amazon US 425 downloads
  • Amazon UK 72 downloads
  • Amazon DE 11 downloads
  • Amazon FR 2 downloads
  • Total: 510 downloads

For all 3 of my books total, that’s 17,484 downloads!  Too bad those were all free but hopefully it will turn into some good reviews and sales to come!


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